Armored Cars & Trucks

BRDM-1 Road wheels set, 4pcs  for EE kit 1/35
BTR-60P Road wheels set, 8pcs for Trumpeter kit 1/35
Flat tyre OI-25 for 6X6 Truck URAL-4320/ 375, 1pc, 1/35
Out Of Stock
Wheel set  for ZiL-137 / BTR-152 (6pcs plus extra) includes PE part 1/35
Wheel set  GaZ -M1 (highway version) for Zvezda kit 1/35
Out Of Stock
Wheel set  VI-3 for 6X6 Truck KRAZ, 6pcs plus extra, 1/35
Wheel set "Kama" for 6X6 Truck Kamaz 4310 late, 6pcs, 1/35
Wheel set for GaZ Tiger 4pcs plus extra 1/35
Out Of Stock
Wheel set for Soviet Truck Gaz-66 4pcs plus extra 1/35
Wheel set for Vi-203 for MaZ-543 (8pcs) 1/35
Wheel set Vi-202 for MaZ-537 and KZKT-7428 (8pcs) 1/35
Wheels set for GaZ Tiger-M (SOF) 4pcs plus extra 1/35
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