• PZL P.11c Expert Set 1/48

Arma Hobby 1/48 scale model kit. 

New tool of classic PZL P.11c Polish fighter from 1939 September Campaign. Plastic kit for experienced modelers, contains extra photoetched parts, canopy and wheel masks.

History of the PZL P.11c fighter

Legendary PZL P.11c is known as a defender of the Polish skies in September 1939. It has been created three years after the death of Zygmunt Puławski, designer of the gull-winged PZL fighters family. The „c” version has been designed by Wsiewołod Jakimiuk as a development of the first production version, the PZL P.11a. Modifications included fuselage front (truss construction instead of stressed-skin), raising of the pilot's seat and lowering the engine, which improved visibility from the cockpit. Power unit was stronger, 600 hp variant of the British Bristol Mercury version, license produced in Warsaw. Armament was strengthened with two additional machine guns in wings and racks for four bombs. Jakimiuk introduced also completely new rounded fin shape and longer streamlined fairing behind pilot's head.

First P.11c from the ordered batch of 150 airframes reached the units in 1935. Air force re-armament process lasted for two years, but in fact was never fully finished due to creation of the new squadrons. As a result, almost all the fighter wings went to the war with PZL P.11 in both „a” and „c” versions and for three squadrons there were no „elevens” at all, so these had to use obsolete PZL P.7a. 

In 1939 the „elevens” fought the Germans since 1st September morning till the evacuation forced by the Soviet aggression on 17thSeptember. Despite being already quite obsolete and inferior in speed and armament even to the German bombers, thanks to extraordinary maneuverability and pilot's skills P.11 fighters managed to effectively oppose the enemy, sometimes even to win in dogfights against most dangerous foe, the Messerschmitt. While the losses have been high, 35 airworthy PZL P.11c were evacuated to Romania. These planes have been confiscated by Romanians and joined their PZL P.11b, P.11f and P.24 in combat units and aviation schools. Since 22nd June 1941 the „elevens” marked with yellow crosses took part in the war against Soviet Union, remaining in frontline units till the September 1943!

Today exists only one PZL P.11c example. It is the „white 2” in the Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. It survived the war as a part of the Berlin aviation collection.

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PZL P.11c Expert Set 1/48

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PZL P.11c 1/48 Photo-etch for Arma Hobby kit

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