VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

SMART MUD XL is highly cost effective and very versatile product bundle for terrain formation. To start simply mix equal parts of SMART MUD XL pigmented resin with bundled SMART MUD XL texture pour a few drops of activator and a fresh batch of realistic mud is ready! This DIY product is much more resistant to ageing than pre-made pastes and can be stored longer without the danger of caking.

Available textures: OPTI-TEX: regulated with bundled activator fluid

Finish: Each bundle can deliver wet, damp and dry finishes

Recommended techniques: brush and artist's spatula

Combine with: Pigment Expert bindersSpot-on pigments

Available volumes: 2 x 180 ml (effective 360 ml)

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VMS SMART MUD XL 04 EU Brown Earth warm tone

  • 14.50€

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