Box contains :

  • A magnetic paint mixer,
  • A USB power cable,
  • A non-slip mat for the paint bottle,
  • A magnetic stirring rod (20),
  • A user manual.

Reminder of use:

  • Do not use with a phone charger cable, use a 5v1 A charger
    Using a cable other than the one supplied may cause irreversible damage, overheating and/or explosion of internal components.
  • When using this product, ensure that the caps on the paint bottles are tightly screwed on to prevent splashing
  • Do not use bottles larger than 3MMES, as this will affect the magnetic attraction and reduce the rotation of the mixing rod , or stop the rotation of the mixing rod.
  • Use flat bottomed bottles, if this is not the case, the speed of the mixing rod will not be optimal and will not mix the glass paint correctly.
  • Use bottles with a diameter of between 25 and 60 mm, larger bottles would reduce theefficiency of the smaller mixture , which would be inefficient.
  • When mixing corrosive liquids, do not use stainless steel rods, but rather a rubber rotor/stem to prevent the mixing rod from corroding

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MS-01 LE Portable Magnetic Paint Stirrer

  • 23.50€

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