• United States vs. German Equipment 1945

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One of the great debates to come out of World War II surrounds the question of who had better equipment, the Americans or the Germans. This new book approaches that question in two ways. First, it reprints a report published by the U.S. Army analysing German equipment. This report offers an insider’s look at just what Americans thought of their opponents’ equipment. Second, it presents a visual comparison of the equipment of both sides. Mostly in colour, these photographs cover machine guns, handguns, mines, and other weapons; ammunition rounds and storage cases; tanks, jeeps, half-tracks, and other vehicles; uniforms, from caps and helmets to camouflage jackets; medical gear; communication devices; miscellaneous equipment such as binoculars, gas masks, canteens, and shovels; personal items like lighters and cigarettes; awards and insignia; and much more. Black-and-white photos depict notable commanders and show equipment in use in the field. This is a must-have reference for historians, collectors, modellers, re-enactors, and anyone interested in World War II history or military history in general.

Language: English,
Hardcover : 320 pages

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United States vs. German Equipment 1945

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