• VMS Airbrush Cleaner Pro Acrylic solution 200 ml

VMS Vantage Modelling Solutions 

Ready-made, low odour, water-based cleaning agent for popular acrylic paints. Copes with any kind of water-based acrylic paint, lubricates your airbrush during the cleaning process and leaves it squeaky clean. Easily rinsed with tap water. Good for fresh and old paint. Apart from your airbrush, you can obviously clean regular brushes and other tools too! Can be diluted using 1:1 ratio to yield extra product! Ultrasonic cleaner compatible. 

Recommended techniques: Cleaning product for airbrush and tools 

Combine with: All brands of water-based acrylic paints 

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VMS Airbrush Cleaner Pro Acrylic solution 200 ml

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